The Girls Guide to Getting Back Together

This is the girlfriend’s guide to the best way to save your relationship. Has your guy recently dumped only you therefore are in the dumps? Here’s some pointers about how to get back together again.

To begin with, don’t go beating yourself up. Okay, maybe some of it was your fault, but you are a worthwhile person who has a lot to make available someone. If a self inventory appears some areas where you could do some personal development, great! But, don’t think that just because a guy breaks up with you means that you are a worthless person.

Next, don’t go chasing him or her. That’s not how to save your relationship. Don’t call him up several times a day or text him mercilessly. He’ll feel boxed into a corner and not want to see you again. Remember, guys want to pursue and need a girl that can be chased.

If you are somewhere where you see each other frequently as a matter of course, (say school or church), act friendly but casual. Spend more time talking to other guys than one does to him. You can even flirt slightly. But, don’t go overboard or he’ll know you’re chasing him inside a different fashion. What you want him to learn is that you are still an attractive catch.

Along that line, ensure you always dress attractively and pay attention to your make up and hair. Be the girl everyone desires.

If you don’t see him on a “natural” basis, you may need to go out of your way to get into his distinct vision. If he spends time at somewhere, you might want to drop by every now and then. But, again, don’t appear you are pursuing him too heavily.

During this time, stay in touch, but don’t overdo it. Drop him an e-mail or a text every day or two. Keep it light. For instance, when you have lunch at a place you used to go together, tell him that it cut back fond memories. How to save your valuable relationship starts with knowing how to manipulate yourself during this period.

Ultimately, you should not force a guy to take you back. But, you possibly can make it an attractive option.

Whether it doesn’t look like you’re going to get back together right away, consider starting to date other people after a decent interval. Take into consideration going out with a few of his friends at first. This might put you back on his radar. If he thinks his friends think of you as an attractive catch, he may want you back after all.

You can even accelerate the process by asking your ex what dress he suggests you wear when you are out with his friend – the white one or even the red one. That will drive it home that you’re a free agent and he’d better sign you immediately if he doesn’t want to get rid of you.

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